Technical advantages

Maximizing traffic value of sale


Full support for RTB sales model (real-time bidding), supporting online bidding of ad traffic, priority to sell


Based on  large-scale data mining with advertising and users’ traffic , the establishment of an estimated model to predict the realization of advertising revenue, intelligent matching for the most potential advertising


Based on ad place, flexibly configure ad scheduling between platforms or direct ads, and switch traffic to the highest-performing ad platform at any time


providing own advertising to solve the waste of idle traffic, ensuring maximum advertising revenue.

Flexible deployment

Efficient media access

Rich forms of ads in mobile end


Rich forms of ads in mobile end

Banner:Common mobile ad form, appearing in the application as a notification bar or rectangle
scenes to be used:pages that Users stay for a long time or access frequently
Advantages:Wide range of applications, low access cost, natural display, high user acceptance


Rich forms of ads in mobile end

Screen ads:An ad form of full-screen display after opening the application , supporting media LOGO at the bottom display
scenes to be used:When opening applications
Advantages:visual effects shock, enhance the media brands' value penetration, High click-through rate, quick realization.


Rich forms of ads in mobile end

Interstitial:An ad form based on the switch of users' usage scenario and inserting half-screen or full-screen advertising
scenes to be used:When switching the Inner view in applications, game passing or failing, turning book pages, app exiting, etc.
Advantages:Rich interactive scene, reduced occupancy of application interface, favored by advertisers, sufficient budget


Rich forms of ads in mobile end

News feed:A new form of mobile ad that is highly integrated with app content as part of media content
scenes to be used:List pages, focus maps, dynamic updates pages, content pages, and so on
Advantages:Ad content assimilates into the media environment, favored by big media, achieving outstanding performance of the user experience


Rich forms of ads in mobile end

Wall advertising:An ad form that displays several applications or promotes pages by application lists and windows
scenes to be used:Task releasing, unlock incentives, free access to virtual currency or props.
Advantages:strong interaction, good user experience, simple task, convenient acces


Rich forms of ads in mobile end

Video patch:An ad form that displays ad when pausing the video play or switching the scenes
scenes to be used:Before, while and after playing videos or pausing videos.
Advantages:rich visual experience, seamless interactive display

Resource advantages

HiveX SSP has accessed to more than 20 domestic and foreign mainstream Ad network, Ad Exchange and DSP platform, docking thousands of advertisers resources as well as covering multiple industries (paid subscription services, brand, effects, App promotion, etc). It can achieve the full bid for every traffic , thus, enhancing the monetizing ability of medias and increasing revenues.