Current Top advertising types

Based on programmatic advertising platform, advanced kernel and powerful data, based on the traffic product package as unit to achieve the exact delivery of advertising and premium.

Studio entertainments
Social ads

Traffic coverage


Process of delivering ads

Based on programmatic advertising platform, advanced kernel and powerful data, based on the traffic product package as unit to achieve the exact delivery of advertising and premium.


Why do you choose our company?


Accurate and Fast on delivering

Top anti-cheating mechanism, professional tagging system for users, It would be easy for us to draw the outline of users after analyzing data of users’ main information like social attribute, living habits, consuming behaviors etc, this kind of users’ outline can help advertisers find out the accurate users quickly.


Flexible and convenient forms

According to different needs, advertisers can choose words, images and videos optionally, then filter the precise groups through our platform in order to deliver ads to targeted people. Our media’s docking ways are flexible enough to meet various kinds of accessing needs for medias and platforms.


Authentic and controllable effects

reacting quickly and low loss rate, the combination of distributed computing and high concurrency processing, providing users with stable, accurate and fast experience. Advertisers can monitor their delivered ads by advertisement monitoring code and adjust ways of advertisement running according to the results thus controlling the effects of Ad promotion.