Media  Management

Management of Ad vertical

To get ads and media contents perfectly combined , except for banner ,it also support news feed and Video patch ads. relatively strong depth of contents, our advertisements are users-oriented which will definitely improve users’ experience.

Apps Management

Apps with multi-dimensions, be convenient to examine and integrate; You can choose different apps to display or only one app, which will increase efficiency.

Management of  Advertising Place

Flexible forms of advertising space, diversified controlling capabilities of advertising place as well as possessing the control of selling, which allows better  control of  contents of the advertisements.

Optimization of Media

Independent advertising platform

Assessing to several advertising platforms, achieving traffic realization of tier price, maximizing traffic profits

Graded optimization of Traffic

Locate and optimize the traffic according to grades: top superior traffic, middle-end  of traffic that suits traffic monetization for third-party platforms,  tail-end of traffic helps monetize in smart link ways.

Intelligent Reporting System

It can meet the need of examining benefits in real-time and provide precise reports about every click and users obtaining.